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Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been active?

We began Mix Masters in 2017 with a mission to bring some spice back to Sydney’s nightlife!

How will your bartenders shake up my event?

The difference between an event with mobile bartenders and one without bartenders is highly significant. When you choose to hire bartenders through our service, it enhances the vibe, elevates the party hosts’ status as well as ensuring safe and streamlined service of drinks. It also allows the party host to have the utmost peace of mind knowing that their guests are being taken care of and that everything regarding the drinks are sorted.

Are your bartenders licensed?

Yes of course! Every Mix Master has their up-to-date RSA, ready to shake up Sydney's events with exciting mobile bartending service.

Do I need to provide the alcohol?

It's totally your choice! You may provide the ingredients required for your cocktails (based on the shopping list you can calculate with our web app 'MixHUB'), or we can give you a quote for them on our end. We can also handle the ice and garnishes for you, to make sure your mobile bar set up ready to wow your party guests!

What kind of events do you serve at?

Our mobile cocktail bartenders can serve drinks at any kind of party or special event in Sydney! Whether its a 21st birthday, wedding, corporate event or even a date night. We've got it sorted! We can even serve mocktails for non-alcoholic events.

How much does it cost?

Our hourly rates and all pricing information can be found on our ‘What we do’ page. We also offer done-for-you packages that include cocktail bartending service, neon furniture hire, custom menus, cups and more.

Are your bartenders experienced?

We have a very thorough recruitment process to ensure all of our staff are adequately experienced with cocktail bartending. We also place a high value on ensuring that we only recruit genuinely good people who are trustworthy, reliable and fun-loving.

What do the bartenders come with?

Our bartenders arrive with all of their cocktail tools and utensils. The rest depends on your preference. We can provide bars, neon furniture, drinks, ice and cups if requested as part of our packages, but you’re always free to handle these aspects yourself.

Can you do mocktails?

We certainly can. Even our non-alcohol drinking customers can have their event shaken up with some tasty mocktails!

When should I expect the bartenders to arrive?

Our bartenders are instructed to arrive at least 15 mins prior to the start time of your event, unless requested otherwise.

Do you provide neon glow furniture hire?

Yes we do! See our full range of neon furniture and bar hire on our "What we do" page. We deliver each piece of neon furniture with it's own remote so you can control the colours displayed.

Do you provide cups?

Yes we do! See our full range of cups on our "What we do" page. We also provide party essentials like beer pong sets, and party packages.

Do you have further questions that haven't been answered here? Feel free to contact us below!

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